Man Vs Machine approached me with an interested project for Castello cheese. My task was to create the look and feel for different types of cheese: brie, chili brie and cheddar. Food projects are usually more difficult to make as each shot has to be "eatable". So you cant go too abstract and dark. A good amount of time was dedicated for RND process so results were pleasing.

Chedar look: this cheese is more rigid and breaks easily. At first i was going for more sculpture look. This direction was nice, but we were having hard time finding the feel in animation. Second direction i tested was cheese mountains. Various animation tests (by ManVsMachine team) were made for braking the mountains and it came out great so we sticked to the mountains direction.

Chilli Brie look: direction for spicy cheese was the hardest to find. References for this cheese were hot lava. Talented ManV team made few simulations that i had a chance to render. The results were looking good but we doubt that this looks very eatable. I gave a shot with rendering smoke as geometry. I really loved white bubbles in the simulation start. Looked like something hot - BINGO! . Client liked this direction so we kept it :)

Brie look - this cheese represents smoothness. So i went rendering wavy cloth with displacement textures that came out great. Later few shots were used for the Chilli Brie video.

  • Black Pixels - squares2_post
  • Black Pixels - Square_6_post
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  • Black Pixels - Mount_look_dev9_post
  • Black Pixels - Mount_look_dev8_post
  • Black Pixels - Split_mountains_6_top_post
  • Black Pixels - Cheese_houdini_test3_render25_post
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  • Black Pixels - Cheese_houdini_test3_render24_post
  • Black Pixels - Cheese_houdini_test3_render23V_post
  • Black Pixels - Cheese_bubles_5_post
  • Black Pixels - Cheese_bubles_6_post
  • Black Pixels - Fume_render2_post
  • Black Pixels - Lava23_post
  • Black Pixels - Lava_7_post
  • Black Pixels - Lava_8_post
  • Black Pixels - Cheese_displacement_3_render6
  • Black Pixels - cheese_displacement_mountains_lines5_Inside_mountains_render_PPP
  • Black Pixels - cheese_displacement_mountains_lines5_Inside_mountains_DOF
  • Black Pixels - N_FLUID_6_post
  • Black Pixels - N_FLUID_5_post
  • Black Pixels - d3_post
  • Black Pixels - d4_post
  • Black Pixels - Cream_whote_3_post
  • Black Pixels - smoke1_post
  • Black Pixels - smooth_8_post
  • Black Pixels - Cheese_displacement_3_render2
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The Art of Cheese