It was nice to work again with the Korb studio where i started my career as junior artist.

Nike wanted minimal and clean design for their new self lacing shoe. In the RND stage i was exploring different looks. "Scanning light" and white thick fog were the most interesting looks for me. Nike was very into the "light scan" direction but did not want any additional elements - just the shoe. Client was very happy to see graphic direction where the shoe was black and only Nike logo and glowing dots where in white.

For early development i used Kyrie shoe before 3d scan arrived. Later 3d scan was replaced with proper model.

With approved look Rimantas Lukavicius aka Korb did magic edit to make video pop. His short video with bouncing blue balls was an example how simple = effective. Final result was rendered in various formats for social media and screens. I really liked the screening on the building. Check these videos bellow the style frames.

  • Black Pixels - web2
  • Black Pixels - Nike_shot_13_nose1.00055 copy
  • Black Pixels - Nike_88_post
  • Black Pixels - vertical
  • Black Pixels - circles222
  • Black Pixels - Black_dots
  • Black Pixels - Nike_shot_1_beauty_bottom_resol_v7 (00169)
  • Black Pixels - Nike_style_studio_59_sole_post
  • Black Pixels - Nike_style_studio46_post
  • Black Pixels - Nike_style_studio44_post
  • Black Pixels - Nike_100_post
  • Black Pixels - Nike_style_studio_55_sole_post
  • Black Pixels - Nike_102
  • Black Pixels - Nike_96_post
  • Black Pixels - Nike_110_post
  • Black Pixels - Nike_style_7_post
  • Black Pixels - Nike_style_blue_24_post
  • Black Pixels - Nike_style_blue_29+_post
  • Black Pixels - Nike_style_blue_25_post
  • Black Pixels - Nike_style_blue_30

Nike Earl